24 Feb 2014


2018 District Championship

Sports For All, Forever


(Medals Are Dated)

District Championship Medals are available for district championships and regional events only. The championship medals are $6.32 per set. Each set consists of 1 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medal. Copper medals are available for 4th place and lower at $2.52 per medal. You may order medals individually at a cost of $2.52 per medal. (Medal details 1 3/4" diameter, 4.5mm thick high relief, 2 sided medal, RWB color-filled shield with 1" x 35" RWB dated riveted neck ribbon.)


(Medals Are Not Dated)

Sports for All, Forever Medals are available for invitational, league, open, or preliminary events only. This medal is not to be used for a district championship or a regional event. The medal is available in gold, silver and bronze. The cost of the medal is $1.99 per medal. (Medal details: 1 1/2" diameter, 2-sided medal, color-filled RWB shield with RWB neck ribbon.)

(Ribbons Are Not Dated)

Ribbons are available for 1st through 8th place, plus merit. Sport specific ribbons are available in some categories but not all categories. The price is $0.40 each for all ribbons. All orders will be assessed a handling fee of 10% of the total cost on orders less than $1,000 to cover the shipping cost.


SHIPPING INFORMATION: All orders are assessed a shipping fee as follows: Orders under $50.00 pay a flat rate of $10.00, Orders from $51.00 to $249.00 pay a flat rate of $25.00, Orders over $250.00 pay 10% of total. Orders that are received 15 working days or less prior to the event will be assessed a $50.00 expedite fee. In addition, if the order requires next day shipping or 2-day shipping you must pay the shipping cost via credit card! Please note that No Refunds will be given on any unused medals or ribbons!

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Replacement Medal Lanyards
Dated for 2018

Lanyards can only be purchased in increments of 25 lanyards.(Example: 25, 50, 75)

No refunds will be given on any unused lanyards!

Please refer to items below for a complete list of items that need to be sent to AAU National Headquarters when placing an order.


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Email: medals@aausports.org


Phone: 407-828-2756

Fax: 1-407-386-3274


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